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About us

Vidatha Professional Consultancy Services FZC - LLC

Established in 2023, Vidatha Professional Consultancy & Trading FZC LLC is a distinguished consulting firm specializing in the provision of solutions within Quality and Safety management systems, thereby enhancing the human dimension of organizational operations. Collaborating closely with our clients, we facilitate the attainment of sustainable business outcomes by equipping individuals with comprehensive training and aligning their strategies across all facets of Quality and Safety, thereby fostering performance excellence within their respective roles.

Our strategic approach focuses on empowering the human capital of organizations to navigate present-day challenges as well as those on the horizon. We firmly adhere to the principle that knowledge empowers individuals. This empowerment leads to enhanced abilities, which in turn cultivate valuable experiences. Coupled with the right attitude, individuals can excel in their responsibilities. At VIDATHA, we are dedicated to imparting the requisite knowledge and know-how tailored to our clients' specific needs, providing unwavering support throughout the entirety of this developmental journey

In the year 2024, we strategically broadened our business portfolio to include educational services and trading activities. Our proficient team is dedicated to thoroughly understanding our clients' requirements within these sectors, with a commitment not only to fulfilling their needs but also to exceeding their expectations.


Dr. Basu Krishnan

Managing Director

SHEQ and Core Quality Professional with more than 25+ years’ experience in leading roles at various multinational companies across the globe such as Panasonic Corporation, Japan (Battery Division, global supporting role); Emery Oleochemicals, Canada (Global SHEQ Lead) and Henkel Adhesive Technologies (Regional Lead in India, Middle East Africa) and other firms. Core competencies include, but not limited to: Total Quality Management (TQM), Quality Management, Safety Management, Value Engineering, Problem Solving Processes, Safety and Quality expert audits, Change Management, Leadership Building, Continuous Improvement for business process excellence etc. Experience in handling multiple sites regionally and globally in SHE and Q management and implementation, people management etc. Highly passionate in people development/management, team building and continuous improvement activities. Fluency in English and Japanese languages.

Education: Ph.D., Chemistry (IIT Bombay, India), M.E. Chemical Engineering (Gifu University, Japan), Post-Doctoral Research (Gifu University, Japan). Multiple certifications/hands on training in various disciplines specific to training and education. Ability to speak in various languages, including Japanese.

Anandhi Basu

Director – Communications

A seasoned horticulture graduate with research experience at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Gifu University, Japan. Core competencies encompass a mastery of interior designing, adept communication skills in both English and Japanese, and a quest for sustainability activities with innate ability to facilitate effective communication. Can create working teams and act as a team leader as well as a team player.

Nisha Raman

Director – Operations

A seasoned MBA graduate with over a decade of experience in steering business operations & marketing with outstanding record of achievements. Result-oriented professional who thrives on challenges, demonstrates strong capabilities in the areas of strategic business & marketing management. A team leader and motivator, who builds synergy and rapport with her teams. Can create working teams and act as team leader as well as team player.